OVSD Website Filtering Request Form

Use this form to request that a website be either blocked or unblocked for teachers, staff, or students. Because websites are blocked or unblocked for a particular group (6-8 students, all students, or teachers), some requests may need additional review before action is taken. Websites unblocked for grades TK-5 are automatically unblocked for grades 6-8 also.

NOTE: By completing this form, you are verifying that you have thoroughly investigated the website for appropriateness and compliance with Board policy.

All fields are required. One website per request, please.

    The content on this website is aligned to the District curricula and the California State Standards.

    The content is appropriate for the age of the students and circumstances of use. (Refer to Board Policy 4040, E-1)

    The website meets the provisions set forth in Board Policy 4040.

    NOTE: Not checking all three boxes above may cause your request to automatically be rejected.